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First Anniversary Pictures - September 10, 2007

These are pictures from our trip to Las Vegas for our first wedding anniversary, September 9-11, 2007.

Mr. & Mrs. splorp! in front of Forever Grand
Mr. & Mrs. splorp! in front of the Forever Grand Wedding Chapel at the MGM Grand.

Cloud shadows on the mountain on the I-15
During the drive into Las Vegas, Mrs. splorp! took some cool pictures of the mountains in the distance. The darker areas are caused by the clouds overhead.

Cloud shadows on the mountain on the I-15
A second picture of the cloud shadows.

Statue of Liberty near a castle
I've always liked this view, across the street from the New York, New York. The castle towers in the background really make the shot, for me.

Alien Fresh Jerky store
On the drive back, we saw a sign for "Alien Fresh Jerky". I couldn't resist stopping to check it out.

Alien Fresh Jerky spaceship
This was right in front of our parking space.

Alien Fresh Jerky alien
I missed this on the way in, but on the way out I saw this.

Alien Fresh Jerky car

Mrs. splorp! and I actually exchanged our gifts before we left. The first anniversary is the paper anniversary, so we decided to try and be creative.

Autographed User Friendly comic
Since Mrs. splorp! and I both do HTML as part of our jobs (and me, for fun), we both found this comic User Friendly comic to be extremely funny. I emailed the author and purchased a signed acetate which I framed for Mrs. splorp!. It's made of paper! ;D!

I think she did better than me.

One share of Coca-Cola stock for splorp!
Yep, she got me a share of Coca-Cola stock! ;D!!! Yeah, I'm a Coke addict.

Happy 1st anniversary

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