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Pictures of splorp! the Evil Bastard

These are pictures of me. At one point, Mrs. splorp! had several pictures of me on her mirror while still living with her parents. It looked like a half dozen different guys, but it was just me. (;<

splorp! in Hawaii on his honeymoon
September 12, 2006 in Hawaii. Jealous? (;<

splorp! with long hair, clean shaven
One of the many looks of splorp! Long hair, clean shaven.

splorp! with long hair, goatee and my Beatles tie
Long hair, goatee and a tie (check the tie). I’m in a limo in Las Vegas for my Aunt Carole’s wedding in 2003.

splorp! with short hair, clean shaven in a suit and tie
Short hair, clean shaven in a suit and tie. This is in December 2003. Mrs. splorp! had a Christmas party with the company she was with at the time. I had my hair cut 3 months earlier when I started at Countrywide Home Loans.

splorp! with very long hair and a goatee
I think this was the longest my hair ever grew. Jealous, ladies? (;<

Proof that splorp! is more dextrous than you 
About 15 minutes after I unwrapped my birthday gift (a great BBQ fork), I was able to poke holes in my fingers. I bet you've never done that! It takes TRUE talent.

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