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Young splorp! prior to becoming an Evil Bastard Pictures (well, I was evil by the last picture, for sure).

These are pictures of me, from quite young to high school graduation, 1989.

Newborn splorp!
Newborn splorp! Not much more to say than that.

Young splorp! balanced on dad’s hand
Dad was doing this in 1971... there’s a picture of me doing the same thing with one of my cousins in 1988. Not sure where that one is...

Young splorp! with Evil Mom Beast at Thanksgiving 1971
Yeah, my ma was a hottie back in 1971. (;<

Pudgy splorp! prior to growing a neck
Pudgy splorp! Yeah, I was a fat baby.

Young splorp! in the mid-1970s
Be kind, this was the 1970s.

Graduating splorp! in 1989
In cap and gown, 1989. Reynoldsburg High. Purple and Gold. Go Raiders. Blah blah blah.

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