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Wedding Pictures - September 10, 2006

These are pictures from our wedding, September 10, 2006. I’ll be adding more pictures soon.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. splorp!
Introducing, Mr. & Mrs. splorp!

splorp!'s wedding cake with dragons on the top
The wedding cake was great, even after the dragons leapt off the top and took a huge bite out of the back of the cake.

Mr. & Mrs. splorp!'s wedding champagne flutes -DRAGONS!
Mrs. splorp! rocks. She let me have dragons on the cake AND on the champagne flutes.

splorp! & spatula at the head table at the reception
This is me and my buddy spatula, who runs morons.org  morons.org in new window. He was one of my groomsmen.

This is my best "man" giving the best man speech at my wedding. Yeah, it's my sister.  

Mr. & Mrs. splorp!'s wedding dice
Mrs. splorp! and I found a great website that makes custom dice. Since we got married in Las Vegas, we asked them if they could make something special. They could. They did. I definitely recommend them for your dice needs.  Chessex.comChessex.com in new window

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