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X-Files and related stuff

Yes, I... am an X-Phile.
XPHLE license plate
Back in 1997, this was my license plate. I gave the front plate to another XPhile. I wonder if she Sylvia Leung in new windowstill has it...

I have several mint condition X-Files comics. One is very special.

X-Files comic digest number 1
The X-Files comics came in both single issue and digest variety. This is comic digest number 1...

X-Files comic digest number 2
...and this is number 2.

X-Files comic special issue number 0
The pilot episode was released in a special comic, numbered 0.

Autographed X-Files comic Wizard number one-half
This is an autographed (by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson) special release Wizard number one-half. This would be the special one. Pretty damned rare.

X-Files comic number one
Next in order would be number 1.

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