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splorp! & Lizard

Back in late 1979, my ma (noted creator of chili, Evil Mom Beast) became pregnant. As I already has an annoying little sister, I was hoping for a brother. Alas, on the first day of school (August 25, 1980), my baby sister was born. Eventually, I got over her being a her. I nicknamed her "Lizard" and treated her like a little brother, anyway. (;<

splorp! & newborn Lizard

As mentioned, this would be in the early 80s, explaining my other sister's My other sister’s MySpace site in new window hair and my shirt.

My sisters and me

She was really fond of Big Bird for a bit. It had a pullcord and spoke in a sort of pseudo-Big Bird voice. At this point, she hadn't started her enjoyment of the camera. Eventually, she would become THE biggest camera hog, complete with a HUGE smile.

Big Bird, Lizard & splorp!

Please ignore the goofy look on my face. Lizard was already worshipping the ground upon which I walked. Go figure.

Lizard & splorp! on one of those birthday things

This is that smile I mentioned before. This is us at Alum Creek Alum Creek in new window in Delaware, OH.

Lizard & splorp! at Alum Creek in Delware, OH

She still has the same smile for pictures. This is us over 20 years later when she acted as my best "man" at my wedding. When I asked her if she would do it, she asked if she could wear a tux. I couldn't deny her that. ;)

Lizard & splorp! at my wedding

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