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Pictures of splorp! the Evil Bastard Page 2

Yeah, I'm a big kid. Growing up is for squares. Or words to that effect. (;<
Mrs. splorp! had a house sitting job for some really nice people. How nice? They knew I was bringing over my PS2 and my Guitar Hero game ;D! As you can see, I am READY TO ROCK OUT! (Note the right hand)

Red-yellow chord
In-game concentration. Check out the t-shirt.

Ratcheting up the STAR POWER. You get to really love that glowing blue.

5 star medium Freebird
Everyone I've talked to kept trying to scare me regarding Freebird. Hell, even the game makes you click "ARE YOU SURE" 4 times - it was like running Windows Vista! As you can see here, I got 5 stars my first time through. No, it wasn't a perfect - FAR from it! But, here is photographic evidence that I succeeded. Well... on medium...

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