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splorp! the Evil Bastard’s Web Site O’ Doom - Harley Quinn Page 5

Harley Quinn enjoying a bath. Well, enjoying a faucet, anyway.

Harley under the sink faucet
I placed Harley on the sink and he began to walk under the faucet.

Harley running under the sink faucet
As soon as the water hit, he started running and flapping. He ran back and forth a few times.

Harley taking a bath in his water dish
Normally, he takes his baths in his water dish (which is why you should change a bird's water dish, daily).

Harley enjoying his bath
Another shot of Harley in his water dish.

Harley flapping away in his bath
He really gets into it, sometimes. That's why we have some waterproof sheeting on the wall behind his cage.

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