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April 21, 2008

Added a couple new pics to the Miscellaneous Pictures section. Also moved No 4th Wall to Break back to the archived comics section, since it appears to no longer be updated (again). Elftor's site is back up, so I re-added that link to the archive section as well.

April 14, 2008

On the eve of the due date for taxes, how about some tax whining? Do you know what happens when you use the standard federal deduction and claim 1 on your W-4 and your wife claims 0 on hers? Give up? You pay. It worked out to about 1.5% of our income for federal and another 1% for state. Ick. I changed my W-4 today to have them take more.

Speaking of work... I still enjoy my job. Seriously. Got an online store? You should be using Volusion Volusion in new window. Give me job security. Pay my company to provide the software and hosting to run yours.

Since my wife set up a blog A Love of Books on blogspot in new window and I wanted to reply to someone replying to her and have a link back here from that post without putting my URL into that reply posting (follow all that? If so, explain it to me so I can make sure I have it straight.), I created a blog splorpdotorg on blogspot in new window, too. The point of the blog? To link back here. That's about it.

My wife's maid of honor came over yesterday to visit. She brought her new kid. She's still at the bobble-head stage. I think Mrs. splorp! took a couple pictures. If she did and they turned out OK, I'll throw them up here.

Below is Harley Quinn, our Green-Cheeked Conure

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn in November 2005

Drusilla, the Vampire Parakeet To the left, you’ll see Drusilla,
the Vampire Parakeet, named after
a character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
because she bit like a vampire.
She passed away on 12/20/04.

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