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splorp! the Evil Bastard’s Web Site O’ Doom - Harley Quinn Page 4

Harley eats a lot of stuff. Mostly he eats real bird food, but fruit is good for him, too.

Harley eating some apple
He really enjoys apple. Mrs. splorp! will slice it up most mornings and slide it over the end of the sticks in his cage so he has to go searching for it.

Harley eating a grape
While he really likes grapes, they... um... "loosen his bowels". If you know anything about birds, you know they're loose enough.

Harley stealing my juice
Speaking of... He has a bad habit of stealing my orange juice. If I don't keep my hand on it, he will climb right up the glass (Note the high quality Coca-Cola® glass).

Harley eating Cap’n Crunch
And if I take my hand away from my orange juice... he ends up with my Cap’n Crunch.

Harley eating maple syrup
Or climbs up the maple syrup bottle to steal maple syrup.

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